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The speakers for 24th International Pure Mathematics Conference 2024 are:
S# Name Institution Country Title of Talk
1 Dr. Mohammed Abdelmalek Higher School of Management of Tlemcen Algeria Some results for constant mean curvature hypersurfaces embedded in pseudo Riemannian manifolds
2 Mr. Junaid Ahmad International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan Approximating endpoints based on three-step iterative schemes in Banach spaces
3 Dr. Anwar Ahmad Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) Pakistan Unraveling Forward and Backward Source Problems for a Nonlocal Integrodifferential Equation: A Journey through Operational Calculus for Dzherbashian-Nersesian Operator
4 Dr. Nacima Rosa Ait-Amrane Yahia Fares University of Medea Algeria
5 Mr. Mubashir Ali University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan Pakistan An innovative approach to passport quality assessment based on the possibility q-rung ortho-pair fuzzy hypersoft set
6 Dr. Usman Ali University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan Zagreb Connection Indices for the Cartesian Product on Molecular Networks
7 Mr. Omar ALIMERINA Hassiba Ben Bouali University of Chlef Algeria Blow-up results for nonlinear wave equations with two dissipative terms
8 Dr. Lounes Ameur University of Skikda Algeria A numerical solution for the single-server queue with Phase Type Distribution service times
9 Dr. Rizwan Anjum University of Education, Lahore Jauharabad Campus Pakistan Fixed Point Theorems for Friendly Mappings
10 Dr. Pakeeza Ashraf GSCWU, BWP Pakistan Mixed Hyperbolic and Trigonometric Non-Stationary Subdivision Schemes
11 Mr. Mehsin Jabel Atteya Mustansiriyah University, College of Education Iraq The Additive Maps on Upper Triangular Infinite Matrices
12 Dr. souaad azil University ORAN1 Algeria The Caputo-like discrete fractional Four-dimensional hyperchaotic Rossler system : Chaos, stabilization and synchronization
13 Dr. Fatiha AZZEMOU Algeria Algeria Énergies Renouvelables et Applications des Equations Différentielles Fractionnaires
14 Dr. Mojtaba Bakherad University of Sistan and Baluchestan Iran
15 Dr. FOUZIA BEKADA University of Ain Temouchent Algeria Random Caputo-Fabrizio Fractional Differential Equations with Delay
16 Ms Fatima Zohra BENGRINE Abou Bekr Belkaid University(Tlemcen) Algeria system with Hardy potential
17 Dr. Abdessalem Benterki University of Medea Algeria Overview on the radial solutions for an elliptic system
18 Dr. Fatma Berrighi University of Mohammed Boudiaf (USTO-MB), Oran, Algeria Pakistan First Order Impulsive Neutral Functional Evolution Equations: Existence Criteria Using Schauder's Fixed Point Theorem
19 Dr. Kheireddine Biroud High school of management of Tlemcen Algeria On some nonlocal elliptic problems with nonlinear singular term revisited
20 Miss Siham Boukarabila university of Tlemcen Algeria Non local singular problem involving a superlinear gradient term
21 Dr. Fraid Chabane University of Ghardaia, Algeria Algeria Analyzing Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for Weighted Impulsive Fractional Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients and Generic p-Laplacian Operator
22 Miss AMINA CHAILI of Ain Temouchent BELHADJ Bouchaib Algeria Global Existence and Strong Stability of Coupled Wave Equations with Local Fractional Dissipation
23 Prof. Laissaoui Diffalah Dr Yahia Farès, University of Médéa Pakistan Recent Advances in Generalized Fubini Polynomials of Two Variables
24 Dr. Syeda Tehmina Ejaz The Government Sadiq College Women University Bahawalpur Pakistan
25 Prof. noureddine elharrar Higher Institute of Nursing Professions and Health Techniques "ISPITS", Safi-Marrakech, Morocco Morocco Rothe time-discretization method for a nonlinear parabolic problems in weighted Sobolev spaces .
26 Dr. Zaamoune Faiza University Mohamed khider Biskra Algeria A new Hopf bifurcation that is parametrically controlled alongside with electronic circuit design
27 Dr. Guettai Ghania University of medea, Faculty of Science Algeria
28 Dr. Safa Guerdouh Jijel University Algeria A primal-dual interior-point algorithm for linear optimization based on a new class of kernel functions
29 Miss Sellami Halla Mohamed El Bachir El Ibrahimi University Algeria Phase Portraits of quadratic polynomial differential systems having some Algebraic curves as solution
30 Dr. Asma Hammou Ecole Normale Supérieure de Laghouat. Algeria Ideals of polynomials generated by \tau (p)-summing operators
31 Ms Sabrina Ben Hanachi Mohamed Cherif Messaadia University - Souk Ahras. Algeria Algeria A new conjugate gradient method with guaranteed descent and global convergence
32 Dr. FETTOUCH HOUARI university of Mostaganem Algeria Solutions To Differential Equations In The Unit Disc Grow Infinitely Fettouch Houari
33 Mr. Bouzid Houari Hassiba Ben Bouali University of Chlef Algeria Analytical Examination of Nonlinear Fractional Differential Systems Utilizing Caputo’s q-Derivative
34 Ms Sabah Iqbal Forman Christian College University, Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan Exploring the Connectivity Indices for Tadpole Graphs
35 Dr. Ilhem KADRI University of Oran 1, Algeria Algeria Atomic Solutions of Partial Differential Equations via Tensor Product Theory of Banach Spaces
36 Dr. Mohammed KAID University of Algeria Algeria Fractional Derivatives with Boundary Conditions NL
37 Dr. Ali KHALOUTA Ferhat Abbas Sétif University 1 Algeria A new coupling method for solving second-order nonlinear fractional partial differential equations
38 Dr. Hizia Khelifa université de Tiaret Algeria Characterization of integral input to state stability for nonlinear perturbed systems
39 Prof. vijay kumar Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies India Applications of Fixed Point Theory in Decision Making Under Uncertain Situations
40 Mr. Ibrahim Lakehal University of Mohamed Elbachir Elibrahimi-BB Algeria Existence, uniqueness, and stability analysis of a delayed full von Kármán system
41 Mr. Sami Loucif Echahid Cheikh Larbi Tebessi University, Tebessa Algeria Blow-Up Result of some evolution problems with variable exponent and time delay
42 Prof. Abdelatif BENCHERIF MADANI University Setif 1 Ferhat Abbas Algeria On the Neumann problem in a ball
43 Dr. Shahzad Ahmad Maitla University of management & Technology, lahore (Sialkot Campus) Pakistan Galois Structure of Pure Number Fields
44 Dr. zakarya malki université djillali liabes sidi-bel-abbès Algeria The existence of solutions for random system of fractional differential equations with boundary nonlocal initial conditions
45 Miss Sattaf Mebarka 1Institute of Mathematics,, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Djillali Liabes University, Algeria Nonlocal problem with singular Trudinger-Moser nonlinearities
46 Dr. Bouchra Merdji Mustapha Stambouli University of Mascara Algeria New methods of construction for p-biharmonic maps
47 Mr. Hassan Messaoudi University of Souk-Ahras Algeria Existence, uniqueness, and general stability of solutions for a nonlinear damping piezoelectric beam system with thermal and magnetic effects
48 Dr. Helal Mohamed Mustapha Stambouil University of Mascara Algeria Global Uniqueness Results for Neutral Fractional Hyperbolic Differential Equations with Infinite State-Dependent Delay
49 Dr. Anes MOULAI-KHATIR University of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed Algeria A mathematical bioeconomic fishery model with variable price
50 Prof. Qaiser Mushtaq Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad Pakistan Modular group and Real Quadratic Irrationals
51 Miss lachachi nardjis djilali liabes sidi bel abbes Algeria Fractional Evolution Inclusions with State Dependent Delay with local condition
52 Ms Kiran Naz Comsats University Islamaad, Lahore Campus Pakistan
53 Dr. Ibrahim Sadok Bechar University Algeria An adaptive regularized filter methodology
54 Mrs. ABDELHADI SAFSAF University of Ain-Temouchent Algeria Blow-up for coupled nonlinear wave equations with fractional damping and source terms
55 Dr. CHOUIA SARRA University of badji Mokhtar-Annaba Algeria New One Parameter Distribution : Properties and Application
56 Ms Ramsha Shafqat Thammasat University Thailand A Fixed Point Theory Approach to the Mathematical Analysis of the SEIRS Model with Hilfer Fractional-Order Derivatives
57 Mr. Muhammad Mubashar Shahzad Government college University Faisalabad Pakistan A Novel Computational Strategy for Approximating Time Fractional Swift-Hohenberg Equation Solutions with Quintic B-Spline Functions
58 Dr. Kamel Tahri High School of Management Algeria
59 Dr. . Tehreem Air University, Islamabad Pakistan A Novel Methodology for Decision Support Systems Using Spherical Cubic Fuzzy Numbers
60 Miss Ahlem Sidi Yekhlef Ain-Temouchent univercity Algeria Well-posedness of a wave equation with fractional-damping, memory and time delay.

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